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      The blood surged to his brow. A wilder agony was on hers as he held her from him, rigid; "Enough!" he cried; "We're caged and doomed. Yet you still have this one moment to save us, all of us, from life-long shame and sorrow."What should I do there? Oratory and subtleties of speech I dont understandand why train my body? Im strong enough as I am, and have better uses for my time.

      [2] "S'il arriuoit quelque dgel, ? Dieu quelle peine! Il me sembloit que ie marchois sur vn chemin de verre qui se cassoit tous coups soubs mes pieds: la neige congele venant s'amollir, tomboit et s'enfon?oit par esquarres ou grandes pieces, et nous en auions bien souuent iusques aux genoux, quelquefois iusqu' la ceinture Que s'il y auoit de la peine tomber, il y en auoit encor plus se retirer: car nos raquettes se chargeoient de neiges et se rendoient si pesantes, que quand vous veniez les retirer il vous sembloit qu'on vous tiroit les iambes pour vous dmembrer. I'en ay veu qui glissoient tellement soubs des souches enseuelies soubs la neige, qu'ils ne pouuoient tirer ny iambes ny raquettes sans secours: or figurez vous maintenant vne personne charge comme vn mulet, et iugez si la vie des Sauuages est douce."Relation, 1634, 67.Byssa stepped farther from under the rush canopy and shaded her eyes with her hands. On the right the13 view was closed by Mt. Lycabettus, whose twin peaks looked almost like one; on the left the gaze rested on dark Parnes, whose strangely-formed side-spur, Harma, the chariot, was distinctly visible from the Cychreans cliff.

      Byssas mother, Strybele, appeared in the doorway. Uttering a loud cry, she rushed with outstretched arms toward her daughter.In this emergency, La Salle went in search of some watercourse by which they might reach Lake Erie, and soon came upon a small river, which was probably the Huron. Here, while the sick men rested, their companions made a canoe. There were no birch-trees; and they were forced to use elm-bark, which at that early season would not slip freely from the wood until they loosened it with hot water. Their canoe being made, they embarked in it, and for a time floated prosperously down the stream, when at length the way was barred by a matted [Pg 197] barricade of trees fallen across the water. The sick men could now walk again, and, pushing eastward through the forest, the party soon reached the banks of the Detroit.

      Winslow was agent for the merchant, Edward Gibbons, a personage of note, whose life presents curious phases,a reveller of Merry Mount, a bold sailor, a member of the church, an adventurous trader, an associate of buccaneers, a magistrate of the commonwealth, and a major-general. [8] The Jesuit, with credentials from the Governor of Canada and letters from Winslow, met a reception widely different from that which the law enjoined against persons of his profession. [9] Gibbons welcomed him heartily, prayed him to accept no other lodging than his house while he remained in Boston, and gave him the key of a chamber, in order that he might pray after his own fashion, without fear of disturbance. An accurate Catholic writer 326 thinks it likely that he brought with him the means of celebrating the Mass. [10] If so, the house of the Puritan was, no doubt, desecrated by that Popish abomination; but be this as it may, Massachusetts, in the person of her magistrate, became the gracious host of one of those whom, next to the Devil and an Anglican bishop, she most abhorred.

      [31] Relation, 1671, 43.



      CHAPTER XIV.Constance stared: "Why, Nan Callender!"


      It is unnecessary to specify the authorities for the introductory and subordinate portions of the narrative.Fell,