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      Varley started suddenly, as if awakening from the paralysis of anguish.

      drop it, Taffy! he said in his listless way. Youre interfering with the gamewith the game, do you hear? as if he were charging Taffy with something little short of sacrilege. Come out of it, and go and get a drink.

      When does the next sail? he asked.


      I suppose most girls would not mind. But I expect Im different, having been brought up differently, andand I cant bear it.I dont know, said Esmeralda; and she wondered whether she ought to be.


      Ive only seen Lord Trafford a few times, said Esmeralda, almost gravely.She put her hand on his arm with that touch which is so eloquent of sympathy and consolation.


      She put the question wistfully, and was rather startled by his manner of receiving it and refusing it.